You May Experience Some Discomfort

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You may experience some discomfort.

No, this isn’t the beginning of a list of side effects on some new drug.

Rather, think of a time in your life when you overcame a major physical or mental challenge.

Maybe that was finishing grad school, building a house, giving birth, or trying a new activity that scared you. (Sky diving, anyone?)

Recall how hard that challenge was.

How uncomfortable you felt. How you wanted to quit 100 times in the middle of it.

Now think about the person you became afterwards. Thanks to that challenge, you’re stronger, wiser, and more insightful and experienced.

Above all, you can point to that challenge and say, I survived that. I accomplished that.

Hang on to that feeling, because you’ll feel it again throughout your fitness journey.

In fact, maybe you’ve already felt that way. Good.

We need discomfort and challenge in order to grow, improve, and change. Discomfort in the service of change is no accident. It’s necessary and normal.

Without discomfort, we’d stay the same forever.

In order to lose fat, sometimes you’ll be a bit hungry.

In order to get stronger, sometimes you’ll be tired in the gym.

In order to transform your body, sometimes you’ll be a little uncomfortable.

It’s just a part of the journey.

Stay Fit

Mat ‘the trainer’

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