Nutrition Coaching for Transforming Your Life at EXL Fitness & Performance

1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching Tailored to Your Success

Do You Struggle with...

  • Information overload on what to eat?

  • Willpower to stay focused on your nutrition goals?

  • Consistency after a fun night out derails your progress?

  • Short-lived success despite trying various approaches?

  • Emotional eating and limiting beliefs

If you answered "Yes" to any, you're not alone. Many clients felt the same before discovering our nutrition coaching program.

Our Approach

Through years of education, certifications, and coaching, we've developed a successful nutrition coaching program rooted in research, logic, and personalized coaching.

You'll Receive:

Individualized Nutrition Plan

  • Aligned with your goals and dietary preferences.

  • Based on past struggles, current activity, and exercise intensity.

  • Custom nutrition guide and meal plans with delicious and simple recipes.

One on One Coaching

  • Weekly check-ins with your nutrition coach.

  • Daily accountability via a custom app.

  • Long-term focus on healthy behaviors for sustained success.

Get Your Nutrition Coaching Right In Your Hand

One on one in-person nutrition coaching in Corpus Christi

Besides getting to meet with a certified nutrition coach, you will also have access to:

  • Weekly nutrition lessons

  • Daily habit tracking to improve your consistency

  • Connect apps which help track your movement and food logging so it's all kept in one place for your nutrition coach to help you

  • Quick contact with your coach at anytime

Nutrition coaching app used to help clients of Game Changing Performance Mundelein lose weight

Say goodbye to justifying or rationalizing away your dreams of being healthy and lean. Our dedicated coaches are here to guide you, ensuring you get started and stay on the path to long-term success. You aren't getting just an app and a "cookie cutter, follow along" program made for everyone. Instead, your coach will design and help you adjust your personalized program, allowing you to progress over time.

Navigating nutrition can be daunting, with countless opinions and diets. Our certified nutrition coach at EXL Fitness & Performance simplifies the process. Our team is committed to working with you on sustainable nutrition strategies that fit your unique needs.

We believe in the power of habit change. Our program focuses on identifying and modifying habits hindering your progress. Weekly habit improvements ensure steady advancements toward your goals for long-term success.

Commit to a vibrant, healthier future

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where strength meets longevity, helping you transform into the best version of yourself!

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