Certified personal trainer in Orem Utah
Certified personal trainer in Orem Utah

Mat Gover


Mat Gover BS, CSCS owns and operates EXL Fitness & Performance, Utah Valley’s premier personal and group training studio and originator of the EXL Fitness Boot Camp.

Training since 1995, Mat uses modified boot camp style workouts ideally created for body transformations, sports conditioning as well as superior overall fitness. Mat’s education has taught him that without regular exercise and proper nutrition the body slowly breaks down into a state of disease. His workouts and nutrition programs have helped hundreds of people lower blood pressure and cholesterol, decrease diabetes, lose weight, eliminate aches and pains, be stronger, more fit, and regain good health.

A graduate with honors from the Athletic Training program at BYU, Mat is certified through the prestigious National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He specializes in fitness, nutrition re-education and gray area training (rehabilitating injuries that don’t really warrant physical therapy, as well as taking somebody after physical therapy to maximum performance. You know the “gray area” between therapy and the top of your game). Mat has worked with physical therapists and athletic trainers to create programs helping eliminate shoulder pain, back pain and core weakness which are common problems due to today’s inactive lifestyle.

Before opening EXL Fitness and Performance, Mat learned the business and managerial side of health and wellness while serving as the Director of Performance at The Academy of Maximum Performance where he oversaw the training of rehab clients, personal training clients and athletes of all calibers. Mat’s versatility has allowed him to train clients in any location from their home, on the court, in a gym, to the park or even in a boardroom.

Mat practices the lifestyle choices he teaches and is an avid outdoor recreation enthusiast. If he’s not in the gym training he’s most likely out in the mountains climbing, biking, trail running or skiing. His motto: “Habitual exercise and proper nutrition opens opportunities to enjoy life at it’s fullest.”

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