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Every year dozens of clients ask for travel workouts or workouts they can do at home while enjoying the holidays with visiting family members. So, here ya go.

Some of these workouts require some equipment and others do not.

Here is the “12 Days of Christmas” workout we did in camp on Monday. The reps are performed in order like the 12 Days of Christmas song, so do 1 star jump, then 2 full plank jacks followed by 1 star jump. Then 3 skaters, 2 full planks jacks and 1 star jump. Followed by 4 push-ups, 3 skaters…

12 Days of Christmas

  • 1. Star Jump

  • 2. Full Plank Jacks

  • 3. Skaters/side (6 total)

  • 4. Push-ups

  • 5. Straight-leg Sit-ups

  • 6. Sumo Squats

  • 7. Deck Squat to High Plank Burpee

  • 8. Weighted Squat Thrusters (25-45 pounds)

  • 9. Single Arm Bent Over Rows/side

  • 10. Double Leg Raise w Hip Lift

  • 11. Alternating Split Squat Jumps/side

  • 12. Bear Crawl Forward and Backward 10-12 feet (forward and back is “1”)

If you want more, add one of these finishers…

Leg Burner

180 forward lunges

Booty Call

  • 1. 50 spiderman kicks per side

  • 2. 50 single-arm KB or DB swings a side

  • Upper Body Blaster

  • 1. 100 resistnce band (RB) curls

  • 2. 100 RB tricep pull downs

  • 3. Plated Halos 1 min one direction, rest 1 min, 1 min the other direction

2014 Workout

2,014 reps of cardio and strength performed for time as fast as possible, 4 rounds total

100 mountain climbers

25 KB/DB squat thrusters or jump squats

100 mini skaters

25 high plank burpees

100 x-country skiers

25 core push-ups or high plank jacks

100 wall sprints

25 single arm KB/DB swings (switch arms each round) or body weight squats

Barbell Complex

Choose a weight that you can military press 10 times. Most men will do 65-115 and most women will do 35-65 pounds. Do not let go of the bar between exercises only between rounds with the prescribed 60-90s rest. The exerices are in an order that allows easy transitions. Complete 3-5 rounds.

Deadlift x 8

Hang Clean x 8

Front Squat x 8

Standing Military Press* x 8

Bent Over Row x 8

RDL/Straight Leg Deadlift x 8

Rest 60-90s

*Downward Dog Push Up x 8 (if you can’t press overhead)

Bodyweight Only Complex

Jump Squat x 8

Prisoner Reverse Lunge x 8 each

Push Up x 8

Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift/RDL x 8 each

Pledge Allegiance Planks/Plank Shoulder Taps x 8 each

Dumbbell Complex (hotel gym workout)

DB Deadlift x 8

DB Clean x 8

DB Front Squat x 8

DB Push Press x 8

DB Reverse Lunge + Curl x 4 each

DB Renegade Row x 4 each

Hurricane Style Finisher 1

Perform this at the end of the workout above or any traditional strength workout to ramp up your metabolism or perform by itself for a quick high intensity calorie burn.

Treadmill Sprint x 20s (10mph @ 10 deg incline)

Hanging Leg Raises x 10 or reverse curl-ups x 20

DB Curls x 10

x 3 sets total increasing speed each round by .5 mph

Rest 90s after the 3rd set

Treadmill Sprint x 20s (10mph @ 11 deg incline)

Decline Sit Ups or Straight Leg Sit-ups x 15

DB Hammer Curls x 15

x 3 sets total increasing speed each round by .5 mph

Hurricane Style Finisher 2

Sprint* x 20-30s

Diamond or Regular Push Ups x 10-15

V-ups or Straight Leg Sit-ups x 15-25

x 3 sets total

Rest 90-120 after the 3rd set

Sprint 20-30s

Jumping Pull-ups or Chin-ups x 10-15

Front Plank 45-60s

Complete 3 total rounds

* For your sprints you can choose jump squats, swings, air squats, mountain climbers, burpees or treadmill sprints depending on what you have available and physical limitations (injuries).

That should be plenty of training options. Let me know how your holiday workouts go.

Merry Christmas and Pray for Sno

~Mat ‘the trainer’

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