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December 11, 20233 min read

Our last blog post talked about how busy society is. We sometimes even use how busy we are individually as a badge of honor. There’s also so many things that are added to our daily schedule and rarely are things ever taken away.

In the last post we talked about ways to simplify grocery shopping. Doing it in a way that can save you time and minimize stress. Today’s post is one step further, if you need it, and taking the meal planning out of some of your days!

Most of us have heard of the meal delivery companies such as SunBasket, Blue Apron, Freshly, Green Blender and so on…have you tried them? I have done a few of them and I still utilize them when I’m in a place when I know planning is going to be a struggle. My favorite of them all is SunBasket. I found their ingredients to be the most fresh and the quality was good. Their produce was organic and it seemed to be more in line with a whole food diet. (I always chose the paleo option-sometimes vegetarian).

The other companies were good, some had more of a child friendly or a meat and potatoes kind of vibe, like Hello Fresh.

The nice thing with services such as these is that you choose a preference (for example I had chosen paleo) and it would send me meals each week in an insulated box that kept everything inside fresh. It is a subscription (they all are) but you are able to skip meals anytime you want. I keep the subscription active and skip weeks often when I know I will have more time to do my own planning. But it’s always there for my back up when I need it.

The Green Blender subscription was super nice because, if anything, it inspired me to buy more fruits and veggies and pack my own smoothie ingredients for the week. It also introduced me to new ingredients I had never tried in a smoothie before. I realized how much I love beets in morning shakes, who knew? And with the Green Blender subscription it gives details on why the ingredients of the smoothie are going to benefit you. I love things like that. I love to learn what those collard greens or clementines have to offer! One suggestion I have with this one is just add a scoop of protein to your smoothie in order to up the protein level. We always did and it still tasted fabulous!

Another company I wanted to mention is called 1% Fitness. They are a local company and you can go on their website and specify your macros and everything. They make the meals and you pick up your weeks worth at one of their drop off points. This is one I am excited to try but haven’t yet. Looking into it for this post actually got me thinking that I need to get on that. Their meals look delicious and my friends who have done it have seen great results.

Without making this post too long, I want to just add that there are SO MANY OPTIONS out there! Things like this can be absolute life savers when it comes to busy times and hectic schedules. When I’ve done the math, these services can save money through not wasting groceries or eating out due to desperation. Take some time to really think about what you can implement to help you make eating healthier more convenient. It may not be a subscription service like these above but maybe it is the online grocery shopping. Maybe you don’t need any of that! Maybe you just need to schedule in your planner time to PLAN and PREP! You won’t be able to change if you continue the same routine. So think about what can work for you and make it happen. Your body and your health is worth it!

Till next time,

Mindy Gleason, PN 1

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