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December 11, 20233 min read

Happy anniversary EXL!!

10 years ago, EXL Fitness & Performance was born! Little did Mat know that this gym would become what it has! EXL is more than just a gym, it is a unique environment that is like a family for so many! Our culture is one to where everyone feels positive energy. They fee safe and a part of a team. We work out together in the most positive way I’ve ever seen. Everyone goes out of their way to help everyone, whether it be with technique, timing or just a smile.

When I reached out to members to hear their perspective, it was very clear that people find more than just workouts here at EXL.

The environment that Mat has facilitated is unique. Mat started his career in January 1995 back in college when he was working towards his degree in Exercise Science. He started training clients on the side in a small personal training studio in Provo while enrolled at BYU. After about 10 months he became an independent trainer at Golds Gym. At the time he was the only non-bodybuilding trainer there. He was also very consistent and reliable and picked up more and more clients as other trainers fizzled. From there, he became the director of performance at a gym in Provo where he was extremely busy and successful and loving helping people get healthy and fit. Mat’s clientele grew to point where he was training up to 16 hour days helping people achieve their goals!

Circumstances arose to where his next step and adventure was to open up his own gym. As the gym was being constructed and things finalized he was training just bare bones in the park down the street. When he was able to, he moved the training to the inside of the gym where there was still construction going on around them. Finally, the gym was done and it started to flourish! After a year in business he made the realization that this was exactly what he wanted to be doing! He loved having his own gym and he has not stopped getting as much education and knowledge possible to create the place he envisioned! If you know Mat, you would know that he is always LEARNING and keeping up with science and research to give his clients the best he can!

What does he love about it his job?

“It’s the relationships.” He says. “ I do what I do because I truly care about helping people succeed.”

We can feel that Mat! You are genuine and caring! It is an undeniable feeling as we walk through that door and get to know the culture.

I also want to say, thank you, to our amazing EXL clients that contribute so much to this community we all love so much.

We are all so happy Mat took that leap and started EXL 10 years ago!!!

!!! Don’t forget to come party and celebrate with us at EXL Fitness & Performance on June 28th at 6:30pm! We will have a video highlighting memories from the past 10 years. We will also have a party express buses with video games, sumo wrestling, food, games and prizes! Bring your whole family!! We would LOVE to see our past, current, and future members and their families!

~Mindy Gleason

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